I’ve been making films since I was 10. So needless to say, this portfolio is incomplete – I just selected some of the best stuff to highlight here. I’ve worked on all sorts of projects, from promos to fiction shorts and social media ads to documentaries. Some of my projects have gotten lots of views online! And I once had a few of my clips featured in an Obama White House production. Take a look around and feel free to get in touch!

The Return

One of the last Fire Escape Films projects I worked on! This was a good one. Director Corinne Rutledge approached me to work on the project and we shaped the visual style together. I’m a big fan of camera motion, so I advocated for the handheld aesthetic, which we accomplished using a variety of motorized

Chance Emerson Promotion

My cousin is a musician – you can find him on Spotify. As his favorite cousin and official Director of Media and Marketing, I’ve worked with him on all sorts of projects, from music videos to social media campaigns. Here’s some of that work, sorted chronologically. 2021: Spotify Canvases, Remote Editing, and VFX March 2020:

Annabelle – Dance Video

Back in summer 2019, I was running a sailing program in Brooksville, ME. At the same time, my cousin Chance was finalizing his first album – so we decided to shoot this dance video for one of his singles in an old chapel nearby. It was a pretty minimal production: the building had no electricity

Us Two

How can we tell the story of a romance without using words? **Winner of Best Student Film at Trinity International Film Festival, 2019** *Official Selection: Trinity International Film Festival 2019, Dam Short Film Festival 2019, Reality Bytes Film Festival 2019* Roles: Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Editor I also experimented with soundtrack recording,

Property Damage

The first film I (co-)directed with Fire Escape as a freshman at UChicago! It’s a sci-fi about reality, simulations, and blurring the lines between the two. It’s also the first project I worked on with a drone, and my friend Brett wrote the score! Roles: Co-Director, Editor, Aerial Cinematography, Visual Effects

A Tribute to Barb Liston

Commissioned by Brookwood School in June 2017 to honor their retiring Assistant Head of School, Barb Liston. I conducted five of the six featured interviews and sourced hours of archival footage to produce the final product. Roles: Director, Cinematography, Editing